Day: October 10, 2018

Mehr Kommentare bei Instagram bekommen

Social media is the only word we can here everywhere because the technology has developed so much and has made the people speak over the posts. Instagram is one of the social media channels in which anyone can post photos, videos and share their thoughts. The friends can reply to them and comment their suggestions for their posts. The excellent posts will get more likes and conversation like posts will get more comments. Let us discuss the ways on how to get more comments on the Instagram posts. We can also read the reviews from the Instagram users by clicking Galaxy Marketing.

  1. We can post some questions on the ongoing things so that the friends will get an interest and they will start giving out their So the one who posts the questions will obviously get an infinite number of comments.
  2. We can run a contest and declare some prizes for the best comments so that we will be getting a lot of comments answering the question we asked in the contest.
  3. We can publish our videos and ask our friends to give their feedback or suggestions about it in the comment section. So finally we will get more
  4. When we post about some very interesting topics like politics and something, the people will definitely get many comments because it will make everyone feel enthusiastic and they come forth to give their opinions.
  5. We can prompt the users to give more comments. That is we can play some games like typing some word in the comment section. So the users will come forward and type the word in the comment section and hence our comment count will increase.

Thus conclude that there are many users in Instagram and the comments from them will get increased based on our posts that is it should be interesting and humorous.


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