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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Talk to the Police Without Your Lawyer

You could be taken by police for questioning for any reason, either they are suspecting that believe you committed a crime or they have all the evidence which is enough to build a strong case and arrest you. However, if they have all the evidence lined up then they would arrest you immediately and no one could talk their way out of getting arrested. You need to get assistance from the expert in the law field to help you out in this situation. Know all about The Clark Law Office to get the professional help you need.

You should never talk to any police personnel with having your lawyer with you. Below mentioned are a few reasons why it is not advisable.

  • Even when you are innocent, you might end up telling few white lies along the course of the statement. Also, you might end up making some assumption about some facts about the case and the police would assume that only a person who committed the crime will not know about those details.
  • You might give out some information to police that would be used against you to convict you even when you are innocent.
  • Police will not be able to recall the statement given by you with 100% accuracy. The lawyer will ensure that everything said is recorded.
  • Even if the statements given by you are true, police might have evidence showing that the statements given by you are false and that would be enough to convict you. In matters of law, only the evidence matters, not what you tell.
  • Police would ask you to repeat the story exactly in the same way as you said earlier. It would be quiet difficult for anyone to tell the story exactly same way as you might forget a few bits or might remember new things and add it up on the story.