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How Same-Sex Marriage Became Legal

Sexuality is one of the most natural orientations and realities of every individual living on this planet. We all get attracted to people belonging to the opposite sex as well as same sex. It all depends on our sexual orientation and the kind of feelings we develop while meeting individuals of respective genders.

The most amazing part is that homosexuality, or as they call it same-sex marriages, is gradually becoming legal in most parts of the world. There are many countries on the globe that have made the same marriages legal and impose no restriction on individuals if they wish to choose a life partner of the same gender.

History of same-sex marriage approvals

There was a time a couple of decades ago when there was no country at all that was willing to legalize same-sex marriages. The federal governments straightaway denied hiring individuals who were homosexual back then and the police frequently raided several gay bars to find out people indulged in these deeds.  It’s difficult to believe today but there was certainly a time when same-sex marriage and associations were considered to be a sin and crime.

It was then only in the year 2013 that the Supreme Court made homosexuality legal in the United States of America. Seeing this, many countries have begun to accept this orientation and have started to legalize it for the happiness of their citizens who want to marry individuals of their own gender.

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