Coercive Abuse: How a Private Client Lawyer Can Help

When we talk about domestic violence the violence in a real sense is what we talk about all the time. But there are other forms of domestic abuse that deserve equal attention and immediate resolution. Coercive abuse or other forms of domestic abuse besides physical violence is something that deserves support as well. Family courts are great to help in cases of domestic violence. But having a dedicated credible private client lawyer can help the victim take care of the legal formalities and to stay protected.

Coercive abuse could be in the form of inhibitions either in the living style or dressing style or even in terms of controlling the partner and dictating or restricting the partner from leaving the house. This includes denial of a personal space and freedom which can be a mental abuse that prevents the victim from living life in his or her own terms.

Private lawyers for the creation of the will

Creating a will is perhaps the first thing that a private client lawyer would insist on. This helps the victim ensure that the property and wealth are not inherited by the wrong people due to intestacy. The spouse would be the legal heir of the property by default if there is no formal will created. For coercive abuse victims, the lawyers help create a will to avoid the wrong inheritance.

Power of attorney

The best solicitors Glasgow offer services for creating a lasting power of attorney. This is very much relevant in the case of coercive abuse cases to help victims finalize their power of attorney to be able to assist them in the legal decisions. Even in those situations where the victim is not in a sound mental state to be able to finalize certain legal decisions the power of attorney would be able to decide on behalf of the victim.