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June 05, 2009

Receiving Notification of IEC Journal Updates--Edited May, 2011

Updated May 15, 2011:

There are multiple ways to obtain automatic notification of IEC Journal updates. Here are a few of the more common:

1. Twitter.

2. RSS feed (also available in Atom format). Use RSS reader of your choice. The advantages of RSS are explained in two posts, Saving Time With RSS Feeds and Fight Information Overload With News That Comes to You.

3. RSS-to-E-mail Services. There are many services that regularly "scrape" the RSS feeds from websites, and redistribute them via e-mail, including Feedblitz and Google Alerts (both discussed below). Many IEC Journal members have found them useful. Please, note, however, that these are independent services operated by third party businesses. If you find them more convenient than using an RSS reader or checking the web site every day, feel free to use them, but be aware that the IEC has no control over them, and is not responsible for any lapses in service. We provide information about them solely for the benefit of our users who do not use RSS readers and find it more convenient to receive updates by e-mail.

The demise of one RSS-to-E-mail service (RSS-FWD) prompted IEC member Wayne L. Johnson to draft the following explanation of two such services: 

After doing some investigating and testing, I have come up with two other means to get IEC Journal email update notices. In the alternative – or at least initially to make sure you are getting the email updates after you sign up for at least one of the below services - you may just want to check the IEC web site, http://www.iecjournal.org/, every few days to see if there has been anything added.

There are two email update services to do this through: FeedBlitz and Google. For both services you have to create an account. You can use your government email address – you do not have to get a gmail email account with Google  – and then sign up to receive updates for "IEC Journal" (in quotation marks).

FeedBlitz: Go to: https://www.feedblitz.com/f/f.fbz?Subscriptions. Select the phrase "Not registered? Click on Sign Up Here" and follow the instructions. After getting signed up you will get an email to acknowledge this to which you must send a confirming response. Then you will need to sign in again at https://www.feedblitz.com/f/f.fbz?Subscriptions. Click on Updates via Feedblitz, then click on Subscribe, and then type in http://www.iecjournal.org/ and hit subscribe. You will then get an acknowledgement email saying you are signed up for the "IEC Journal". You must also respond to this email confirming you want to get email updates to the IEC Journal. For more information on FeedBlitz see http://www.iecjournal.org/iec/about/


Google: Go to Google Alerts at http://www.google.com/support/alerts/ and create an alert for updates to "IEC Journal" IN QUOTES.

You may want to try both services and after a few weeks decide which system you like best and cancel the other.

There are probably other ways to accomplish the above, but I have found these two systems fairly easy to figure out and that they work well once you get everything set up. One can also use the above two systems to track other subject matters you want to be kept up to date on.


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