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May 05, 2011

Social Media Access to IEC Journal

As a convenience to our readers, IEC Journal is now available via Twitter.  Thanks to Erica Dornburg for the suggesting this method of increasing the value of this operation.

Use this URL or hypertext link to access our updates via Twitter:

Apps to access the Twitter feed are available for iPhones, Droids and Blackberries.

We have also set up an IEC Journal page on Facebook:

Our Facebook site has already received a "Very Good" rating from Facebook, but it is not operating perfectly yet. Posts to our main website, http://www.iecjournal.org, are not being automatically reposted to the Facebook account. We are using the Facebook Blogged app, as recommended by Typepad, our website provider, but Facebook provides error messages. We welcome advice from Facebook-savvy IEC members in resolving this.

We'll be adding "badges" to assist in accessing these social media supplements.

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