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November 02, 2011

Finding YouTube Videos for Ethics Training Use and Converting Format

YouTube and other online sources contain many videos useful for training. Audiences tend to like videos, and short videos can provide the trainer with a welcome break.

OGE maintains a YouTube "channel. PublicResource.org has converted an OGE 22 minute video entitled The Ethical Choice: Ethics for Special Government Employees, and a thorough YouTube search would probably find more OGE material. Since there is no copyright in government-produced material, anyone is free to upload it.

Clever trainers can find uses for material not prepared by OGE. One ethics office organized its annual training around videos from the popular TV show The Office, including using the "Let's Get Ethical" muscial sequence as an introduction.

Unfortuately, many training locations have poor Internet connections, or no connections accessible to the Ethics trainer. We have had good luck converting our videos with a free service called Media Converter. It's pretty easy, but pay attention to selecting the output file format, as some file formats work better on Windows computers and others work better on Macs.

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