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January 01, 2012

Training Tip 19: Lessons from Movie New Year's Eve

Despite its star-studded cast that included Robert DeNiro, Hillary Swank, Michelle Pfeiffer,  Halle Berry,
Ashton Krutcher and many others, the new movie New Year's Eve met with critical disdain (including a pathetic 7% rating at Rotten Tomatoes) and limited success at the box office. A romantic comedy in the Love, Actually and Valentine's Day mode, it was less successful than those films.

One part of the movie met with success, at least in this quarter. Near the middle  of the movie, the machinery that raises and lowers the ball for the iconic Times Square ball drop turns balky. The assembled crowd is worried that their fun will be spoiled.

The character portrayed by Hillary Swank is asked to take the microphone and give the crowd an update. Everyone is expecting reassurance. The Swank character provides more: Inspiration. She goes beyond the immediate crisis to exhort the audience to approach the holiday in the right way. The audience received not just reassurance but inspiration.

Let's resolve that during the coming year, we'll all try to give our audiences more. Rather than being content to provide dry ethics rules, let's give students engaging material that will help them understand the significance of ethics and inspire them.

We will be doing the best we can to support you in this effort by providing useful resources through this Trainning Tips column.


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