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June 25, 2014

Opening at Boeing- Director, Ethics Government Operations

Find details here 






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June 24, 2014

McDonnell prosecutors allege undisclosed gifts from people other than Williams

The Washington Post reports

Federal prosecutors have alleged that former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell (R) and his family accepted an expensive island vacation from a Henrico hotelier with University of Virginia ties and intentionally omitted the gift on his annual state disclosure forms, according to new court filings. The May 2012 trip — a $23,000 getaway to Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina, paid for by U-Va. Board of Visitors Vice Rector William H. Goodwin Jr. — does not seem to have any direct connection to Jonnie R. Williams Sr., another Richmond-area businessman, whose relationship with McDonnell and his wife is at the heart of the federal corruption case against the couple.

But prosecutors argued in a court filing made public recently that the vacation was just one example of undisclosed gifts given to the McDonnells by people other than Williams. They said those gifts are “intrinsic” to the case and might be used to convince jurors that McDonnell’s alleged crimes were no innocent mistake.

McDonnell and his lawyers have contended that the former governor followed state disclosure laws, which they say are vague and open to interpretation. They argue that evidence of undisclosed gifts that don’t involve Williams shouldn’t be allowed at trial, saying those gifts are irrelevant to the government’s allegation that McDonnell illegally agreed to trade state favors for Williams’s largesse.

Legal experts said the judge’s decision could be a turning point in the case, because of the potent effect of testimony suggesting that the McDonnells were collecting gifts and luxury vacations while in office.

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June 23, 2014

Ethics panel: Alaska Rep. Don Young misused funds

Longtime Alaska Rep. Don Young improperly used campaign funds for personal use, accepted “impermissible” gifts and failed to report those gifts, the House Ethics Committee announced Friday. Young, a Republican, has to repay nearly $60,000 to his campaign, and donors, the Ethics Committee said. He has also been reproved by the committee.

The Ethics Committee said that Young, who has represented Alaska in the House since 1973, accepted improper “gifts and expenses related to” 15 hunting trips. The trips occurred between 2001 and 2013, the Ethics Committee said.

Eight trips that Young took were improperly paid for, or were paid for by his campaign improperly. Young also did not disclose any of these gifts on his financial disclosure. There are relatively stringent rules dictating gifts members of Congress can receive, and how a member of Congress can use his campaign funds. Members of Congress cannot accept gifts from entities that employ lobbyists, and can only accept gifts that are worth less than $50. All gifts must be disclosed. Members of Congress cannot use campaign money for their own use.

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June 20, 2014

Ethics Program Specialist Openings at U.S. Dpt. of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Center for Scientific Review

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Center for Scientific Review, is seeking two candidates for a challenging and dynamic, full-time, GS-9/13 Ethics Program Specialists in its Bethesda, MD office. The successful candidate(s) will serve as a primary advisor to the Deputy Ethics Counselor, and other staff on all ethical issues related to fostering adherence to ethical standards of conduct by employees and the prevention or resolution of conflicts of interest.


Please find the links to the two announcements below:

Delegated Examining:


Merit Promotion:



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June 17, 2014

Next IEC Meeting: Friday, July 11

The next IEC meeting will be held on FRIDAY, July 11 due to the July 4 holiday the week before. 

Sean Croston, Senior Attorney at the Federal Reserve Board, and Jeremy Suttenberg, Ethics Attorney at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will do a presentation titled, "Restrictions on the Promotion of Outside Personal Interests in the Federal Workplace." 

Agency ethics officials occasionally face staff questions about the permissibility of promoting various outside personal interests at work, like:

Soliciting donations for favored charities or personal events; Supporting political ideas/groups; Endorsing professional organizations; Posting personal classified ads in federal buildings; Advertising for nearby commercial vendors or entertainment options; Selling items in federal buildings.

The presentation will cover some colorful (but non-agency-specific) examples from our personal experience and review the miscellaneous hodgepodge of applicable laws and regulations governing the promotion of outside interests at work, such as:

OPM rule on charitable solicitation (5 CFR Part 950/EO 12353); OGE rule on fundraising (5 CFR 2635.808); OGE rules on soliciting/accepting gifts within the agency (5 CFR 2635.302); Hatch Act restrictions on political activities/solicitations (5 USC 7321-7326); Anti-lobbying statutes (18 USC 1913; annual appropriations riders); GSA rules on gambling, solicitation, vending, and advertising (41 CFR Part 102-74); Appropriations rules re: commercial advertising (GAO rulings); Congressional rules on using gov't $ to print advertisements; Fair Housing Act restrictions on discriminatory housing advertisements (42 USC 3604(c)); OGE rules on misuse of public office (5 CFR 2635.701-705); OGE's general appearance of impropriety rule (5 CFR 2635.101(b)(14)); Agency-specific rules and policies

**** The meeting will be held on Friday, JULY 11, at 12:15, 1331 F Street NW, U.S. Access Board, Floor 8.****  See you there!

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June 06, 2014

Handouts from June 5 IEC Meeting

Please find the handouts and presentation materials from the June 5 IEC meeting here:

Download HUD MOU for PPPs April 2014 Download Partnership Agreement Template FINAL Download Partnership Guidance 2008 Download SGE_IPA ethics rules chart June 6 2014 Download Web version IEC slides for June 5 2014 on Partnership-Lite

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June 04, 2014

Opening at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is seeking a highly-qualified candidate for an exciting and challenging full-time position in its Ethics Office. The position will be filled either as an Attorney-Advisor position at the CN-0905-52/53/60 level ($85,000 to 187,800) or as an Ethics Program Manager position at the CN-030152/53 level ($85,000 to $149,036). The CFPB Ethics Office administers the Bureau-wide ethics program, offers advice and guidance to employees and managers on the interpretation and application of the Federal ethics statutes, rules and regulations, administers the financial disclosure program, and provides in-person ethics training. The position requires the incumbent to manage and administer CFPB's financial disclosure reporting program including online coordinating, tracking, collecting, and reviewing financial disclosures reports and resolving identified issues. Successful accomplishment of these duties requires knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations, ease with advanced computer applications, excellent legal research and writing skills, an exemplary cooperative spirit, the ability to work well in a team environment and the ability to effectively present live training to small and large groups. CFPB is an equal opportunity employer.

Individuals interested in applying for either position should visit the vacancy postings at: Here are the USAJOBS links: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/371330600

and https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/371331200

Both job openings close on Friday, June 13th.

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