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June 17, 2014

Next IEC Meeting: Friday, July 11

The next IEC meeting will be held on FRIDAY, July 11 due to the July 4 holiday the week before. 

Sean Croston, Senior Attorney at the Federal Reserve Board, and Jeremy Suttenberg, Ethics Attorney at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will do a presentation titled, "Restrictions on the Promotion of Outside Personal Interests in the Federal Workplace." 

Agency ethics officials occasionally face staff questions about the permissibility of promoting various outside personal interests at work, like:

Soliciting donations for favored charities or personal events; Supporting political ideas/groups; Endorsing professional organizations; Posting personal classified ads in federal buildings; Advertising for nearby commercial vendors or entertainment options; Selling items in federal buildings.

The presentation will cover some colorful (but non-agency-specific) examples from our personal experience and review the miscellaneous hodgepodge of applicable laws and regulations governing the promotion of outside interests at work, such as:

OPM rule on charitable solicitation (5 CFR Part 950/EO 12353); OGE rule on fundraising (5 CFR 2635.808); OGE rules on soliciting/accepting gifts within the agency (5 CFR 2635.302); Hatch Act restrictions on political activities/solicitations (5 USC 7321-7326); Anti-lobbying statutes (18 USC 1913; annual appropriations riders); GSA rules on gambling, solicitation, vending, and advertising (41 CFR Part 102-74); Appropriations rules re: commercial advertising (GAO rulings); Congressional rules on using gov't $ to print advertisements; Fair Housing Act restrictions on discriminatory housing advertisements (42 USC 3604(c)); OGE rules on misuse of public office (5 CFR 2635.701-705); OGE's general appearance of impropriety rule (5 CFR 2635.101(b)(14)); Agency-specific rules and policies

**** The meeting will be held on Friday, JULY 11, at 12:15, 1331 F Street NW, U.S. Access Board, Floor 8.****  See you there!

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